Ok. Figured I haven’t put anything new up in a while, and its due time.
Its been a long time since I last wore a pair of any thrones, and I never did try UFS ones.
My first impressions were that it was a solid skate. Very well made. The souls are pretty big, and thick enough. Slide decent, and lock awesome.
Second, the liner. I always hated Sifika liners. This is an exception. A nice, well padded comfy neoprene liner, reminiscent of Reigns, just not quite as padded. Still, nice.
The souls are, well, UFS throne souls. Slide nice, lock great. Nuff said.
The only complaint I have with these is the shock absorber. Yes, its the thicker one, no, it doesn’t seem to do much.
Good skates overall, but I can see UFS thrones haven’t changed much since the introduction of the 2 piece soul.
Thanks for looking,