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Hello Readers,

This is IW Lance from all the way in California doing my first post here for Boston Blading Society and i’m glad to be here.

Today I thought I could bring you a fresh new look for everyones favorite classic Remz Skate, The Haffey 2.2’s.  As a skater of every Remedy’z product you could think of for the past 7 years I have to tell you I am thoroughly impressed with their new addition to the Remedy’z Line-up. The skate has a new color scheme and it happens to have my favorite color so I have to say personally its the best looking Haffey skate to date. It’s rocking the Black Skin with the White High Resistance Material and the Red stitching with a few red eyelets.

Overall they really improved on the lacing system which gives a lot more options to customizing how you lace your skates, wether it be loose or tight they feel amazing. With big improvements on the soft strap it is now triple stitched and add’s a lot more durability. They also come with the classic Rem’z plastic buckle system so if your a fan of that you can always switch it out easily for a more supportive feel.

The Liners are still holding up amazingly and the skate fits like a glove right out of the box. The V-cut is still very drastic so this isn’t a skate for the skaters that like their skates very supportive on the top side tricks.

The skates come with the GC Featherlite 2’s which everyone who has skated them has been pretty happy and it is an anti-rocker setup so this frame isn’t for all those freestyle/flat riders. They also come equipped with the  Classic Rem’z wheels (57mm 88a) and some abec 5.0 bearings. The bearings are nothing impressive, as always I recommend upgrading to anything from the Bones line-up they make superior bearings that are water jet cut out of solid steel/ceramic, not just plates of steel cut and shaped. This makes for a much more solid bearing  that have great longevity as well as incomparable speed.

As always with Remedy’z they have given us another solid skate with a very very anticipated color scheme change. I can’t wait to get out and try mine and I highly recommend these skates to anyone from intermediate to advanced level of skating that like a lot of freedom in their skate style.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and I look forward to giving Boston Blading Society that west coast style and I will be seeing you guys later.


IW Lance ,


This is a subject I wonder about constantly.
Shell sizing.
We all know its done to save the manufacturers some cash, and I get that. But when you’re the smaller size, this can be very detrimental to your blading.
I’ll use myself as the for instance. I like a lot of the styles of skates available. However, my feet do not. I just recently tried UFS thrones again, and love how they skate, but i don’t love the blisters i get from my feet sliding around in them. The width is perfect. The length is not, creating a constant rub issue on the sides of my feet, which leaves nasty blisters. This isn’t the first time I’ve had this issue with skates either.
Single size shells are very expensive to produce, and i understand that the money just isn’t there for a real solution like that. Salomon, however, already gave the market a cheap and easy solution in “growth inserts”. Simple idea, easy to produce, and relatively cheap compared to individual shell sizing.
Hopefully more of this type of tech will be introduced, as the blisters one gets from incorrectly sized skates are more discouraging than the injuries you get from bad falls, in my opinion.
Anybody else have input they’d like to add? Feel free. Any ideas are appreciated. Don’t get me wrong, i love my Xsjados, and they always fit right, but i would like to enjoy other options at times.

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