Hello fellow bladers!
This will be my review of M1s dual durometer wheels.
First off, I’ve had bad experiences with M1 wheels in the past. Not the least of which was a pair chunking out on a hill while just rolling around, resulting in my right knee blowing out, putting me out of commission for over four months, and keeping me away from hammers, probably permanently.
That said, I purchased two sets of the green team 55mm wheels, as they were on sale cheap. Not really a smart move, but I had heard good things, and figured a second chance was in order.
Big quality difference. I gave a set to my friend Rick to test as well, since a three stair still kills me. Lol. Anyway, these held up well, not Eulogy quality, but very good. They wear rather quickly, and feel as hard as their 91 durometer would indicate, but they weren’t bad.
So, following the logic that M1 must finally be improving, I purchased some of the dual duros, in 57mm size.
Nice! These ride like a much softer wheel than their 91 durometer would indicate. They stick like glue on most surfaces, land softly, and wear very slowly. Even I barely wore through the mold lines in well over 4 months of skating, and have since handed them on to Rick, to ser how long they’ll last!
More recently I picked up some 59mm purple dual duros, which feel just as good as the 57mm’s.
Honestly, these are the best, longest lasting wheels I have ridden, ever.
Excellent job M1! Really want to try the trinities, but the way these are holding up, it might never happen!